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Green Valley Elder Law Attorneys

A 2018 study by the United States Census Bureau says that by the year 2035, there will be 78 million people aged 65 years and older. This means that, for the first time in US history, the elderly would outnumber the children. With the elderly population slowly going on a rise, Elder Law has become a practical and necessary legal practice especially here in Green Valley, Arizona.

Green Valley Elder Law Attorneys tucson probate elder lawElder law is a specialized branch of law that focuses on providing aging Americans with legal assistance, guidance, and protection as they face a different chapter in their lives. As old age can come with a number of problems, the legal needs of older adults differ from the rest of the US population. Some of their situations may require a more precarious approach, and that’s exactly what experienced Elder Law attorneys can offer.

Here at Tucson Probate Attorney, we help older people and their families navigate whatever legal challenges they face, including health care, security, long-term care, estate planning, guardianship, neglect, abuse, etc. With our team of competent and accomplished probate attorneys, Tucson Probate Attorney is committed to helping elderly Americans here in Green Valley know, protect, and claim their rights.

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Navigate Through Estate Planning

For most people, planning one’s estate can be a tiresome and confusing task.

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The process of anticipating, preparing, and planning for how one’s assets should be preserved, managed, and distributed if incapacity or death occurs can be overwhelming when done without the guidance and assistance of a professional. That’s exactly what drives our probate lawyers here at Tucson Probate Attorney. We want to make estate planning as stress-free and hassle-free for you as possible.

Tucson Probate Attorney has been a trusted probate law firm here in Arizona and we’ve helped countless clients with estate planning and administration. If there’s anything we’ve learned over the years, it’s the importance of being by our clients’ side throughout the entire process, which is something that we have dedicated ourselves to doing! When you partner with an attorney from Tucson Probate Attorney, you can count on our professional guidance, insight, and support in the following events:

  • Creation of a will
  • Creation of trusts for life insurance policies
  • Filling out of advance directives
  • Execution of advance directives
  • Decisions on guardianship matters
  • Management of finances and personal businesses
  • Sorting of tax implications
  • Settling of the estate

Whether you have a modest list of properties and assets or have a long list of businesses and assets, estate planning with the help of accomplished attorneys here at Tucson Probate Attorney doesn’t have to be a headache for you or your family.

Expert ALTCS Advice And Assistance

At some point in their lives, two out of three Americans are going to need long-term care or assistance in their day-to-day living due to illness or disability. Unfortunately, not a lot of people actually plan for these times in their lives—not everyone anticipates and prepares for the time when they’d need help walking, bathing, eating, and going to the toilet. But because the transition to long-term care is complicated and expensive, planning for it early is actually the most practical way to go.

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The state of Arizona has the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS)—a branch of the state’s Medicaid program—which provides acute and long term care services for residents who are over 65 years old, physically or developmentally disabled, and who meet the necessary medical and financial criteria. ALTCS plays a huge role in making long-term care affordable for you and your loved ones. However, more than 70% of ALTCS applicants are turned down, most of them because of reasons that could be avoided with experienced planning and expert assistance from an attorney.

Tucson Probate Attorney is a trusted Green Valley law firm when it comes to long-term care planning. We make it our main goal to help our clients with ALTCS eligibility, applications, asset protection, and long-term care financial arrangements.

With years of probate law knowledge and experience in both ALTCS and Medicaid planning, Tucson Probate Attorney is committed to helping you achieve the life and care that you deserve. You can be sure that we are ready and equipped to help you plan and prepare for them.

Guardianship & Conservatorship

Being strong and independent are some of the things most Americans strive to be for as long as they possibly can. We thrive in environments where we have control over our bodies, our living arrangements, our health, and our possessions.

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Unfortunately, many Americans run into situations that render them incapable of taking care of themselves and their properties. Such situations include diseases, serious illnesses, accidents, etc. It’s in these situations that guardians and conservators are appointed or assigned to the incapacitated person—a guardian to look after their health, care, and living conditions, and a conservator to take care of their money and property.

Guardianship and conservatorship matters are highly technical and complicated, which means you need the help of an experienced attorney to navigate through them. If you want to apply for, petition for, transfer, or object to guardianship or conservatorship, we at Tucson Probate Attorney can provide you with the guidance, assistance, and support you need throughout the entire legal process.

Our team of accomplished elder law attorneys specialize in Title 14 of the Arizona Revised Statutes and are ready to advise, represent, and prepare with you.

Let’s Talk Now- Consultation

Green Valley Elder Law Attorneys tucson probate logo main resultEvery person’s needs change as they go through different stages in life, and this includes their legal needs. When it comes to helping elderly Americans know, claim, and protect the rights and services that they’re entitled to, Tucson Probate Attorney is the law firm to run to. It’s very important that the attorney you partner with as you go through elder law matters has extensive experience with the process, procedures, paperwork involved. We at Tucson Probate Attorney have been passionate about elder law and over the years, we’ve learned the ins and outs of this discipline. We are committed to effectively meeting your legal needs, and we are also very much qualified to do so successfully.

As you, your family, or your loved ones traverse a new chapter in life here in Green Valley, our skilled attorneys at Tucson Probate Attorney are dedicated to helping you do that with confidence, security, and protection.

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