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Here in the US, our culture values independence, individualism, and autonomy very highly, which explains why most of us Americans strive to be self-sustaining for as long as we possibly can. We want to always have control over our bodies, our properties, our decisions, and our actions.

Providing care with an adult conservatorBut, unfortunately, we don’t always get to have this control all the time. Some people are unable to take care of themselves and/or their property because they are minors, have mental incapacity, or physical incapacity. Some adults have this capacity, but somehow lose it over the course of their lifetimes due to illness, accident, disease, addiction, or other mental or physical condition. This is where guardianship comes in the picture.

Guardianship is when a person is appointed by the court to take care of an incapacitated person’s (ward’s) health, personal decisions, and living arrangements in the same way a parent has duties and responsibilities toward a minor child. Whenever there are guardianship matters involved, the assistance and support of an experienced guardianship attorney is most helpful as it can come with a lot of processes and paperwork.

Here at Tucson Probate Attorney our team is equipped and experienced when it comes to matters concerning guardianship. We are especially knowledgeable about Title 14 of the Arizona Revised Statutes and are ready to help you through any legal concerns regarding guardianship you may have. Whether you’re looking to process a petition, application, transfer, or even objection of a guardianship, our Coolidge probate attorneys here at Tucson Probate Attorney are ready to help.

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Expert Guardianship Legal Support

Guardianship here in the state of Arizona can be quite a complicated matter. It appears in a variety of forms, each with its own unique set of requirements. Legal guardians can be appointed to minors who find themselves in situations such as:

  • The death of one or both parents
  • Child abuse or exposure to abuse in the home
  • Incarceration
  • Substance abuse

Legal guardianship can also be applicable to adults who are left incapacitated because of reasons like:

  • Illness
  • Disease
  • Brain injury
  • Debilitating addiction

Guardianship can also be either temporary or permanent, and it can have a variety of limitations to it.

Our laws stipulate several ways for a guardian to be nominated, prioritized, appointed, objected, and reversed. The processes and requirements involved in any of these vary depending on the facts of your case.

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Guardianship is a complicated, highly technical area in the legal profession, and trying to navigate it by yourself would not only be difficult, but it could also turn out to be counterproductive. When it comes to matters involving the life, future, and welfare of a minor or incapacitated person, you will need the wisdom, expertise, and guidance of an experienced and accomplished guardianship attorney.

We at Tucson Probate Attorney are committed to providing the best legal services to ensure that both the needs and best interests of the ward are met. From requirements, reports, representation, to responsibilities, our team of guardianship lawyers here at Tucson Probate Attorney are ready to take care of your legal needs.

Experienced Conservatorship Attorney

In some states, conservatorship is used interchangeably with guardianship. In others, conservatorship refers to the care of an incompetent or incapacitated adult, while guardianship refers to the care of a minor. Here in the state of Arizona, however, the term conservatorship takes on a different meaning.

Coolidge Guardianship Attorneys probate images 16 300x200In the same way a minor or incapacitated adult would need a guardian to take care of their health, personal decisions, living arrangements, etc., a minor or an incapacitated adult may also need someone to take care of their estate, property, and financial affairs. Such appointment is called a conservatorship. A conservator has the same duties and obligations as the trustee of an estate and is held to the standard of care applicable. They have the power to invest the estate funds and to use amounts that are reasonably necessary for the care, support, education, benefit, or overall welfare of the protected person.

The petition and notice provisions in a conservatorship, as stipulated in sections 14-5404 and 14-5405 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, are similar to those for guardianship. However, the appointment of a conservator must be held to different criteria by the court. This is where you realize that partner with attorneys who are experts only in guardianship concerns may not be the most practical move after all. You’ll also want to partner with attorneys who have knowledge and experience in matters concerning conservatorship as well.

We at Tucson Probate Attorney are a trusted estate planning law firm when it comes to both guardianship and conservatorship cases here in Coolidge, AZ. Whether you’re looking forward to the appointment, replacement, substitution, filing of a complaint, or even termination of a conservator, Tucson Probate Attorney is here to help you every step of the way.

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Coolidge Guardianship Attorneys tucson probate logo main resultGuardianship can arise from many different situations, can affect many different people, and involves many different procedures. It is complex and, for those who are not legal experts, it can be a cumbersome ordeal. We at Tucson Probate Attorney know that, and it’s exactly why we are dedicated to helping Coolidge residents know more about guardianship and conservatorship, how to go about it, how to terminate it, and how to avoid it.

With our skilled team of guardianship attorneys, Tucson Probate Attorney is ready to provide you the support and assistance and professional insight that you need. We can start by giving honest, practical answers to your questions.

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